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 The easy way to hook up any gooseneck trailer from the ground.

Using EZE-Latch to Hook up trailor

With an EZE-Latch it’s a whole lot easier!!!

Standing on ground hooking up trailer

Stand on the ground while hooking up your trailer.

The EZE-Latch is totally mechanical with only one moving part.  It is very durable and trouble free.

Installation requires two 1/4 “ holes to be drilled in the gusset of the trailer, secure the EZE-latch to the gusset, and fasten the cable to the coupler.  All hardware is enclosed.

To operate – pull the handle down to release the coupler; then using a long handled hammer, move the coupler either open or closed.

Watch Rick Lamb's introduction to the EZE-Latch and also the installation of the latch on to a trailer.

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